The idea behind creating this blog is so friends and family can see where we are and what we’ve been up to. We’re not taking a laptop with us so will be reliant on internet cafes along the way to upload posts, pics etc. (Last minute decision to bring the laptop!)

On Friday 10th December we will take a ferry from Osaka to Shanghai and then cycle south to Hong Kong. From there we hope to continue down through South East Asia towards Malaysia. Our plan is to end up in New Zealand but exactly how, which way, how long etc etc we don’t know. We’ll take it as it comes and see what happens!

このブログは、家族や友だちに私たちの旅の様子を知ってもらうためにはじめました!ノートPCを持っていくわけではないので、旅先のネットカフェを頼りに、随時更新していきますー。 (結局、ノートパソコンを持っていくことにしました!)