Perth to Melbourne

We left Perth on 2nd Nov (2012). Our trip across the big country was done in a Toyota Landcruiser. A few weeks before hand we had managed to arrange a relocation rental, this time through a website called Transfer car. We had the Landcrusier for 9 days with a max limit of 4000km. That may sound like a lot but actually it didn’t give us much flexibility in our route to Melbourne.

Leaving Perth - with Michael our great host and friend.

Leaving Perth – with Michael our great host and friend.

We headed due East, following an old and very long water pipeline some 600km to Kalgoolie, a town in the heart of the goldfields in Western Australia. After visiting the museum, the enormous ‘super pit’ and a couple of shady bars, we headed south to Norseman,  before heading east again across the Nullabor plain.

Kalgoorlie on a Sunday afternoon - that's blood on the floor outside that bar

Kalgoorlie on a Sunday afternoon – that’s blood on the floor outside that bar


Super Pit at Kalgoorlie

The Eyre highway that crosses the vast and tree-less Nullabor plain is one of the straightest Exif_JPEG_PICTUREroads in the world – it has one corner-less stretch of 146km!! If this wasn’t enough, the Nullabor is home to some of the hottest heat, strongest winds and most aggressive flies the country has to offer! Of course it is also a very popular route for touring cyclists in Oz. Surprisingly we only passed one. A guy from Sydney heading for Perth. He was battling a headwind and had been for a few days he said. Still he seemed to be enjoying himself. You’d have to be up for a challenge and have a good long list of tunes on your ipod but I reckon it could be fun. It’s pretty amazing out there. Maybe one day we’ll go back and ride it!Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Clear of the Nullabor, we visited Adelaide in South Australia before heading into Melbourne via the aptly named Great Ocean Road. Unfortunately we hit it on the weekend so it was incredibly busy, but still well worth it. An awesome road!Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

9 days/ 35 hours of driving after leaving Perth we rolled into Melbourne. We dropped off the car, pitched our tent at a campsite 10kms from the city centre and pre-booked a cabin for the following night and the arrival of my parents from the UK!

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4 Responses to Perth to Melbourne

  1. Thanks for the update! BTW, A couple years ago I hosted an Australian couple in their 60’s who had crossed the Nullabor on their bikes!

    • Will says:

      Hi Nancy, great to hear from you!! Thats cool – did they say they enjoyed it? I imagine that once you got into the swing of it, it could be very enjoyable – the wind would be a real factor though!! Hope you’re well!

  2. Tom says:

    Great pics Will. The flies are the stuff of nightmares – though the bar is probably worse! X

    • Will says:

      Thanks Tom. Yeah the flies were pretty bad. If we got out of the car to take a pic or something, we’d have to run around like mad men before jumping back into the vehicle to limit the number that got in with us!

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