Derby to Broome

25/26 September – 220km

After a couple of rest days in Derby, a town which despite not having many attractions we both quite liked, we set off for Broome. It is only 220km and we decided to do it in 2 hits as we were told there is little to see along the way. This was a good call as sure enough there wasn’t – in fact it was probably the most boring 2 days of the whole northern trip.

The initial excitement of riding on the bitumen soon wore off and we were left with 200km of very straight road and to make matters worse, a head wind. The highlight of the ride was probably crossing the Fitzroy River, where we rested in the hottest part of the day and I had a swim. We stayed at a rest area about half-way between the two towns which was ok but had no water; this didn’t really matter as we were able to fill up at the road houses along the way. We rolled into Broome late afternoon and headed straight for Matso’s brewery where we treated ourselves to one (well 4 actually)of their famous mango beers!

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