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14380 Km cycled from Shanghai. 30/10/2012

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Perth to Melbourne

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We left Perth on 2nd Nov (2012). Our trip across the big country was done in a Toyota Landcruiser. A few weeks before hand we had managed to arrange a relocation rental, this time through a website called Transfer car. … Continue reading

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Into the woods – Riding the Munda Biddi Trail

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10th-30th October 2012 – 840km Perth is located on a narrow coastal plain, about 30km wide. To the West, the vast Indian Ocean stretches out as far as the eye can see and to the East the Darling escarpment, known … Continue reading

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A path through the forest – The Munda Biddi Trail

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An introduction: 10th – 30th October, 2012 The Munda Biddi trail is one of Western Australia’s many hidden secrets. The fact that it is still so unheard of is testament to the sheer vastness of WA – I mean how … Continue reading

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Down the West Coast in style!

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Broome to Perth – 2400km in 5 days, 2nd – 7th October 2012 Cycle touring in Australia is tough. It’s a very unique country with some incredible places to see, but to do it by bike takes some doing and … Continue reading

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Derby to Broome

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25/26 September – 220km After a couple of rest days in Derby, a town which despite not having many attractions we both quite liked, we set off for Broome. It is only 220km and we decided to do it in … Continue reading

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The Gibb River road

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Kununurra – Derby 850km 2nd Sept – 22nd Sept Finally a post! Sorry it’s taken me so long. Right now we are back down south, riding the Munda Bidi MTB trail in southwest Australia. I started writing this post when … Continue reading

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Darwin to Kununurra – Across the top end

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July 30th – August 27th  1200km Well we made it to Kununurra! For those reading this who have no idea where that is… it’s roughly half-way between Darwin and Broome just tucked into the northern part of WA, close to … Continue reading

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